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Brunswickjager.org » August Uhlig, 2 October 1777
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August Uhlig, 2 October 1777

Nidersachisches Staatsarchiv

Letter, Lt. August Uhlig to an unknown correspondant in Braunschwig.

“October 2, 1777

Respected Friend:

No dispatches have gone out of the camp since the battle, but we daily hope that communication with our friends in Canada may be restored. The enemy is losing hope, and may retreat again. We are in a strong position that the rebels dare not attack. Our post is at the right end of the camp. We have built a log post facing the west on a small hill that commands a little vale. The trees are laid up like a Silecian hut. They are small enough to move, but give more than 15 inches thickness - sufficient against musketry. We have had fatigue parties at work every day, and our men have had little rest.

The cannon - served by Hessian gunners - are two in number.

The outpost to watch the bank in our front is built.

On our left are two blockhouses possessed by Provincials whom I do not trust. They are poor in discipline and no faith can be placed in them. Beyond them is the large English Light Infantry fort on the farm where the battle was fought. It is the army’s strongest post - some 3,000 feet long and raised high.

Our cantonment is directly in rear of our post, and we have slept on our arms every night. We wait for news from the southward and expect soon to drive the rebels from their camp.

Colonel Breyman is as strong as ever, and we never are far from his eye. He has said that the post should be closer to the top of the bank, but the engineer does not agree. The men are in good health, although the nights are colder and our food is short.

It is whispered that we will soon take the offensive, and I shall be happy for it. Captain von Lohneysen and a party were fired upon by rebel rangers who got across the valley in our rear, but no harm was done. We returned the fire and drove them away. Wolves are heard at the night among some graves south of our post.

Your servant

Heinrich Uhlig”

This document can be found at Saratoga NHP

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