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Brunswickjager.org » Blog Archive » Brigadier Fraser’s Corps crosses the river, 13 September, 1777
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“Sept. 13

Gen.v.Riedesel Joins the army.

All the Eng. Regiments Cross the Hudson

Likewise Lt.Col. Breymann’s Corps de Reserve

After the remainder of the things appertaining to the hospital and all the baggage had crossed the portage at Fort Miller, so that there was nothing left of what belonged to the army, General v.Riedesel set out on his march at 10 o’clock, and reached the army with the last regiments belonging to the left wing at 12 o’clock.

Brigadier Fraser’s Corps set out at 7 o’clock this morning, crossed the bridge, and took up its position on a favourable eminence this side of the Fish Kill.

Lieutenant-Colonel Breymann’s corps de reserve followed him at 9 o’clock, and covered the left wing of the Fraser Corps en poitence according to the state of the ground. The artillery remained in the plain near the river Hudson after crossing the bridge, and the English regiments of the line, namely, the 9th, 20th, 21st and 62nd, pitched their camp (which was a collection of barracks) on the plain near the river as far as the Fish-Kill. The 6 companies of the 47th Regiment served to cover the bateaux on the right bank of the river.

All the German troops that formed the left wing of the army remained stationed on this side of the bridge, and occupied the positions which the Fraser and the Breymann Corps and abandoned.

The Hesse-Hanau Regiment together with the v.Rhetz Regiment relieved the 47th Regiment at the portage. They served to cover the portage as well as the left wing of the army. The hospital was transferred to the barracks. General Burgoyne’s headquarters were moved to Skuyler’s House on the other side of the Fish-Kill, and were covered by a detachment of 200 men on the side facing the plain near the river.

The crossing of the river did not cost the army more than 7 prisoners of the Fraser Corps, who were captured about 500 steps from headquarters whilst marauding.

The heights of Saratogha form a wood, and are so overgrown with close brushwood, that it was difficult to assign the army a position straightway, in which the troops would be s e cure in case the enemy attacked them. So the generals visited all the heights in the neighbourhood on horseback, and chose a camp de bataille which was at once marked out, and the emplacement the troops w ere to occupy was assigned to the brigadiers and colonels in person, so that they might lead the regiments there at once in case there was to be a battle there.”

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