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News from Oswego, 4 September, 1777

“Sept. 4.

A detachment was sent to Fort Anne from our camp at John’s House , in order to collect all the wagons that had broken down owing to the carting of provisions that would be found on the road, so that same might be repaired. Large patrols were also sent through the forests and along the various by-ways leading from Bennington round our camp to Fort Anne and Fort George in order to reconnoitre those paths, so that none of the enemy could sneak through, as it had been brought to our knowledge, that the rebels had sent out a corps of picked men against Fort George. After that the enemy desisted from the enterprise so as not to fall into an ambush, as we heard later on. But the rebel corps fought its way up to Skeenesborough, where they came across a good many of our bateaux in Wood Creek, which they took possession of for their further use.

A letter written from Oswego, that arrived for Brigadier v.Gall from Lieutenant-Colonel v.Creutzburg, who is in command of the Hesse-Hanau Jager Corps which his prince has sent to Canada, and who is stationed with Lieutenant-Colonel St.Leger’s Corps, does not make much of the victory gained by the lieutenant-colonel at the Mohawk river, but states on the contrary that Lieutenant-Colonel St. Leger had been compelled to desist from his designs on the aforesaid fort on receipt of the bad tidings with respect to our engagements at Bennington on August 16 and owing to the advance of a strong corps of rebels from Half-Moon towards Fort Stanwix, and had had to leave the river Mohawk and retire to Oswego after burying his big guns, and that Captain Londe who had just arrived had also been despatched from that place. It was also reported at the same time, that most of the Indians had left Lieutenant-Colonel St. Leger and returned to their homes. Lieutenant-Colonel v.Creutzburg cannot say enough about how penible the march of that corps has been, which had had to take the road from Montreal to the Mohawk river by the way of Niagara.”

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