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Your Excellency,

May form an idea of the present state of affairs by perusing the following, which I transcribe from a New York paper dated 6th of this instant April, and mentions that Admirals Rodney, Ross and Digby, on their passage to Gibraltar fell in with 27 sail of Spanish merchantmen and 4 men of war, of which they took 17 sail and their convoy.  The rest made their escape.  After this, the Admiral attack’d a squadron of Spanish ships, consisting of 10 of seventy and 4 of eighty guns, six of which was taken, one blown up, two ran a shore and two made their escape into Cadiz, the six captured vessels was carried into Gibraltar.  The bills of lading belonging to the merchantmen amounted to 5,000,000 of Dollars.

A letter from an officer on board Admiral Arbuthnot’s fleet, dated March 8th lying off Charlestown, says, they were then going over the bar with six ships, and tomorrow they should open a battery of 40 guns against the town.

This day arrived in Albany from the Eastward, an honest and intelligent gentleman, who declares he saw a printed handbill from New York, wherein was mention’d that the British troops took Charlestown on the 27th.  I expect the next good opportunity that offers to reacquaint your Excellency with a grand scheme now in agitation by “Hudibras” which if perfected will deserve praise.  For other particulars I beg to refer you to Hudibras’s letters sent to Sir John Johnson and other intelligences to Captain Frazer dated last month.

Signed, Hudibras [code name for Secret Service Agent Dr. George Smyth]

Haldimand Collection, Add MSS B182 21842

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