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Brunswickjager.org » Blog Archive » The Northern Campaign in Miniature: the Prinz Friedrich Infantry Regiment
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Here we have a musketeer and grenadier of the Brunswick Prinz Friedrich Infantry Regiment.  The musketeer companies survived the ‘77 campaign intact as the Regiment was assigned garrison duty at Fort Ticonderoga during the summer and fall, however the grenadier company was a part of Breymann’s Grenadier Battalion which was destroyed after the Bennington and Saratoga battles.  The rest of the Regiment saw garrison service in Canada until the end of the war in 1783.  Historians often neglect the Prinz Friedrich, however as Helga Doblin points out, the Regiment played an important part in the defense of Fort Ticonderoga, and were one of the few intact Regiments left to protect Canada after the Burgoyne disaster.  In addition, two officers of the Regiment, Lt. Colonel Prätorius and Ensign Julius Friedrich von Hille left fantastic accounts of the Prinz Friedrich during the war.

The uniforms are the standard German uniforms, however what made the Prinz Friedrich unique was the absence of lapels.  The coats were similar in appearance to the Hesse Kassel Garrison Regiments in that they only had collars and cuffs of the Regimental facing color.  Most modern illustrations show a somewhat darker yellow than that of the Infantry Regiment von Riedesel.  The musketeer is relaxing in garrison duty smoking his pipe.

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