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Brunswickjager.org » Blog Archive » The Northern Campaign in Miniature: The Hesse Hanau Infantry Regiment Erbprinz
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For the current installment of The Northern Campaign in Miniature, we have representatives of a Musketeer and Grenadier of the Hesse Hanau Infantry Regiment Erbprinz.  This is one of my all-time favorite units; just look at those uniforms!  They also carried a rather unique regimental flag with the Hesse Hanau coat of arms centered on a pink field….I guess one could argue that they were getting in touch with their feminine side.  Often mis-labeled as a Grenadier Battalion, the Erbprinz saw little action in the ‘77 campaign as they were mostly relegated to guarding the baggage.  Elements of the Regiment garrisoned posts in Canada throughout the war until the whole Regiment was reconstituted towards the end of the conflict.  For these figures, I went with what I call ‘peacock yellow’ small clothes, although I have seen other modern illustrations showing either white or straw colored small clothes.  To me, the von Germann painting shows a musketeer in yellow.  I also went with silver lace, as indicated on the von Germann painting.  However, Brendan Morrissey indicates that white lace was used instead, which I’m starting to feel was probably used.  I can’t imagine equipping a whole battalion with coats covered in silver lace.

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