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Brunswickjager.org » Blog Archive » The Northern Campaign in Miniature: The 62nd Regiment of Foot
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This figure represents one of my all-time favorite English regiments:  His Majesty’s 62nd Regiment of Foot.  The 62nd Foot saw heavy service with Hamilton’s Brigade on the Burgoyne expedition, and for all intents and purposes was practically destroyed at the Battle of Freeman’s Farm.  Historian John Luzader provides a solid description of this battle and the actions taken by the 62nd Foot in his book aptly named Saratoga.

I found this figure particularly challenging to paint due to the facing colors of the 62nd.  Secondary sources list the facings only as ‘buff’ or ‘light-buff’.  As my good friend Eric Schnitzer of the re-created 62nd Foot can attest, it was a challenge just getting the right shade of ‘buff’.  In this case, I started with Tamiya’s Buff paint, but found it to be far too dark for use as the 62nd facing color.  After several more attempts at getting the right color, I finally settled on Vallejo’s ‘Ice Yellow’ which gives the correct balance of Buff/Cream/Yellow.  I also used Vallejo ‘Scarlet’ for the coat as I think this gives the coat a proper ‘Brick Red’ color, almost looks faded.  The 62nd Foot also had a cap badge as shown here.  One more thing to note:  the 62nd Foot wrapped a unique rattlesnake skin around their bayonet scabberds after serving in garrison on Mt. Independence opposite Fort Ticonderoga.  Apparently there was an abundance of rattlesnakes that The Regiment killed!

For more information please visit the re-created 62nd Foot:  http://www.62ndregiment.org/  This unit is probably one of THE best (if not the best) impressions out there and is painstakingly researched.

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