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The Hesse Hanau Jager Uniform

The first installment of the Northern Campaign in Miniature depicts an NCO of the Vacant Company (formerly Kornrumpf’s), Hesse Hanau Jager Corps, Battle of Oriskany 1777.  This figure shows the uniform worn by the Corps throughout the war (with modifications to the hat and breeches post-’77 campaign).  Information for this uniform was derived from a copy of an eyewitness painting, The Hesse Hanau Jager Corps Orderly Book, and letters written to The Hereditary Prince by Lt. Colonel von Creuzbourg.

He wears a cocked hat that has a green cockade/red roundel and a green plume topped with white.  The NCO wears a dark green coat with a slightly brownish hue as the green material turned a dark green/brown color due to inferior dye lots (this same problem beset the Frei Corps later in the war).  The facings are red with brass buttons.  Notice the green turnbacks unique to the Brunswick and Hanau Jagers.  I added white lace around the cuffs to represent an NCO.  Information on what insignia the NCO’s wore is sketchy as von Creuzbourg only mentions the stripping of an NCO’s insignia when an NCO was punished in front of the Corps later in the war.

In addition, he wears a green weskit, again with brass buttons.  His breeches are buff leather, which were replaced after the campaign.  He also wears brown full-lenth gaiters.  His equipment consists of a short Jager rifle (historian Jim Kochan owns an original, you can see it in Don Troiani’s latest book on the Revolution).  Some of the rifles carried by the Vacant Company during St. Leger’s Stanwix campaign were notoriously poor in quality.  His belly box is of brown leather and slung over his shoulder as is his hunting sword as later recommended by von Creuzbourg.  This NCO also acquired a British cartridge box, however I have yet to find documentation that this was a regular practice among The Corps.

Please see the Hesse Hanau Jager Corps Uniform Documentation Page for more information.

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