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Announcing a new feature for this site:  a pictorial representation of Crown uniforms from the Northern Campaign (and other areas of operations) using 28mm miniatures.  It is not our intent to transform this blog into a miniatures blog, it will still remain one dedicated to research.  However this represents a fantastic way to illustrate uniforms worn by the Crown forces.

  • The miniatures used are 28mm scale metal figures.  For those who aren’t familiar with miniatures, 28mm means that the figures are 28mm high.
  • Most of the miniatures will consist of Perry Miniature figures.  Perry is an excellent company based in England that has a large selection of American Revolution figures.  For the most part, the figures are very accurate.  However, I have two, relatively minor problems.  1-Many tournisters on the Hessian figures are missing the two straps on the front, and 2-Most of the British figures carry wooden canteens when they should all be carrying metal kidney shaped canteens.  Otherwise, outstanding figures.
  • The bases used include wood bases made by Litko, an American company well known for making fantastic bases for the wargaming community.  Old Gatorade tops are also used as bases.  The terrain mostly consists of products by Fredericus Rex, a German company that makes realistic grass and scale flowers with some Woodland Scenic bushes here and there.  Paints used include Vallejo and Tamiya acrylic paints.
  • The miniatures are posed in natural light outdoors.  The camera used is a Nikon D3000 without a tripod (I’m saving up for a tripod to improve picture quality)

Product Links:

Perry Miniatures

Litko Game Accesories

Fredericus Rex

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