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1 June 1776 Arrival at Quebec

June 1
Waterfall of
Arrival of the
Fleet at Quebec

At 1 o’clock in the morning our anchors were weighed and we sailed until 6 o’clock.  Owing to low tide we had again to anchor near Laurent Pointe, which is on the island of Orleans.  At 3 in the afternoon the anchors wee again weighed for the last time, the wind commenced to a favourable, we passed the waterfall of Montmorancy which catches the eye of every stranger, and at 6 o’clock in the evening we at last reached the harbour of Quebec, after having covered 8 leagues that day.

Major-General v.Riedesel went into the town at once to pay his respects to General Carleton, and report the arrival of the German troops to him.  General Carleton had been back at Quebec since May 30, and had handed over his corps to Lieutenant-General Burgoyne for the time being, who stood with it at Trois Rivieres.

General Carleton had taken 530 men prisoners from May 6 until now, and a certain Captain Forster of the 8th English Regiment (which is now stationed at Niagara and which has been in garrison in the different forts on Lake Ontario and the districts belonging to it for the last 4 years) attacked Fort Aux Cedres which the rebels occupied with 400 men, and forced them to yield.

Quite late that evening General Carleton sent his adjutant on board our vessel to make inquiries concerning the effective strength of the Regiment of Dragoons and the Prince Frederick Regiment, as the general had fixed on both those regiments to garrison Quebec.

All our ships had put in an appearance again during the preceding days except the “Harmonie”, on which Lieutenant-Colonel v.Speth was with a part of the Riedesel Regiment.  But we soon heard that the said vessel had arrived at Quebec on May 27, and had received orders to proceed at once to Trois Rivieres together with the other vessels that had arrived.  In consequence of this these troops are the only ones of the Brunswick contingent who took any share in the slight action that took place at Trois Rivieres later on the 8th and 9th.

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