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29 May 1776, On to Montreal

May 29

As the wind was of o good the whole day we remained where we were.  In the morning a pilot officer came from Quebec, who was to take our ships as far as Quebec and onward.  He brought the news that we should not stop at all at Quebec, but  were to be taken on to Montreal straightway to support General Carleton.  This pilot office also told us, that when the first reinforcement for General Carleton consisting of the 29th Regiment had arrived on May 6, the rebels had at once decamped leaving 4 big guns as well as a good deal of powder and many muskets behind them, and had gone in the direction of Montreal.  General Carleton had followed at their heels, and had taken 500 men prisoners during their flight.  On May 8 the 47th Regiment, General Carleton’s own regiment, had also arrived at Quebec, but they had at once continued their journey to Montreal without   stopping.  On the  24th the fleet with the Irish regiments on board had arrived, and they also had followed General Carleton’s Corps without any stoppage whatever.  We also received some disagreeable news from this officer, namely, that General Howe had had to abandon his post at Boston and had gone to Hallifax; but we shall have to wait for this news to be confirmed.

We  had to remain at anchor the whole day, as the  wind never became favourable.  In the evening it seemed as though we should be able to continue our journey and the anchors were weighed, but hardly had we moved 300 paces when the pilots found it advisable to anchor once more

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