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26 May 1776

May 26

The weather was very fine, but the wind was so much against us that we were compelled to lie at anchor the whole night. General v.Riedesel took advantage of the afternoon to call upon General Burgoyne on board the “Blonde”. He also went ashore on Bic Island on the same occasion, which was about 1300 paces from the side of our vessel.

This island is surrounded by rocks, for which reason it is often very dangerous for vessels to approach it. All kinds of shell fish were found on the coast, and amongst other things the skeleton of a whale. The noble fir and the birch stood out conspicuously among various other trees, and it may be remarked that the smell of the first-named tree is much stronger than in the northern part of Germany. The ground was covered with all kinds of known and unknown herbs and plants. The air here was warmer and better on the whole than that on board the vessel. A few families dwell on the island, who earn their living as pilots, and pilots are generally sent here from Quebec, when foreign vessels have to be taken up the river and many arrive at the same time.

General v.Riedesel went on board the frigate “Blonde” from the island of Bic. He found General Burgoyne about to leave the vessel in order to go to Quebec in advance on board the frigate “Surprise”, so as to make the necessary arrangements there for the arrival of our troops, as General Carleton had left the town in pursuit of the fugitive enemy. At 8 o’clock in the evening 13 shots were fired from the “Blonde” as a salute to General Burgoyne when he left the frigate to sail to the “Surprise”. At midnight anchors were weighed and our journey continued with a favourable east wind.

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