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25 May 1776

May 25 the fleet passes
Barnabe Island and casts
Anchor for the
First time of Bic Island

When we awoke this morning we found ourselves near the Camille Mountains, 14 to 15 leagues from Cape Cat..  At 10 o’clock we got a very favourable east wind, which would bring us to Bic Island the  same evening according to what Captain Bell assured us.  Although the weather was very  boisterous and rainy, the wind remained faithful to us.  At 3 o’clock in the afternoon we passed Barnabe Island, and at 6 in the evening we at last caught sight of the long-wished-for Bic Island.  At half past 7 the frigate “Juno” gave the signal to cast anchor.  All the captains of the transports received orders to go on board the “Juno” , and we supposed of course that they would bring back some pilots from there, as we had found the frigate “Surprise” under command of Captain Linsee near the island, which had already been at anchor there awaiting us for several days.  When our captain returned on board the “Pallas”, we learnt that the fleet that had brought the Irish regiments had arrived at this place already the day before, and had  taken all the pilots with them.  But Captain Dalrympel had made up his mind that he would venture to continue our journey to Quebec without pilots, as soon as a favourable wind would permit him to do so.  So we remained at anchor after having advanced 14 leagues that day.  In the middle of the night there came a strong gust of wind, which compelled us to cast our   2nd anchor out so as to make the ships secure, as several of them had broken loose owing to the wind, which was all the more dangerous as the river around us was full of rocks.

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