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On Sunday, April 27, my site host upgraded their servers. We are now on a significantly fast server, with increased CPU power and memory. HOWEVER, the PHOTO GALLERY is currently down. I am working with the Hosting Company to hopefully rectify the situation. Until further notice, the Photo Gallery will be […]

April 26
The  frigate “Blonde”
Together with 11
Transports get away
From the fleet.
The wind which blew from the north-west was still more violent than the day before and the sea rougher, especially during the night.  At daybreak the frigate “Blonde” was missing as well as 11 transports, which had got  away from us owing to the storm.  The […]

April 24
A vessel
Coming from America was
The wind was extremely high.   Towards noon we descried a vessel coming from America.  The frigate “Blonde” was sent off to reconnoitre her.  Captain Pownal conferred with those on board, but the conversation was not made known to us that day.  We had covered 21 leagues partly with a north-north-east […]

April 20
We descried
The fleet with
The Irish Regiments
On board.
This fleet had come quite near us this morning.  It consisted of 40 transports and  2 frigates, the “Pearl” under Captain O’Hara and the “Carysford” under Captain Funshave.  The former conferred with our ship’s agent, Captain Haynes, whereby we learnt that the fleet had come from Ireland, where […]

April 15
At noon today we found ourselves in latitude 46o 38′ and longitude 17 degrees 16 minutes with the aid of a good east wind.  Our course was 38 leagues.  At 5 o’clock in the afternoon a violent north-west wind arose with exceedingly heavy rain.  The sea soon became rougher than we had ever seen […]

9 April 1776

April 9
We continued our journey with the same strong north east wind and the same heavy sea.  At midday our latitude was found to be 48o 30′, and longitude from Cape Lizard 2o 33′.  We had covered 44 leagues 1 mile with the help of the strong wind.  At 2 o’clock in the afternoon we […]

8 April 1776

April 8
At 5 o’clock in the morning we were off Fallmouth, and we passed the  town at 7 o’clock.  At noon we descried Cape Cornwall in the distance, and we had covered 14 leagues and 1 mile.  Our latitude was found to be 49o 50′ north, and we had mostly a north-north-west wind.
In the afternoon […]

7 April 1776

April 7
At 7 o’clock in the morning we found ourselves about 3 miles from the English coast opposite Bold-Heyde so-called.  At 10 o’clock we passed Start Point and at noon, Ramhead.
Our  latitude was found to be 50o 9′, and the distance we had covered was 20 leagues.
At 1 o’clock we caught sight of some hills […]

6 April 1776

April 6
By noon we had covered 14 leagues with a north-west wind, and our latitude was found to be 50o 31 minutes north.
There was no wind whatever at 4 o’clock, so the result was that we still had Portland Bill ahead of us at 6 o’clock in the afternoon, and had to go on tacking […]

5 April 1776

April 5
At daybreak we had Portland Bill before us.  At noon we had passed same, and had covered 20 leagues and 2 miles since leaving the Isle of Wight according to the calculations made by the captain of our ship.
In the future the distances will be calculated from noon of the one day to noon […]

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