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13 December 1777

“December 13.
Captain Vallancy returned from General Howe’s headquarters with the agreeable news of the  speedy despatch of as many transports to Boston Harbour as would suffice to convey the Convention troops to Europe.  This was immediately made known to the troops with the result, that many prisoners and deserters ran away from the men with […]

“December 10.
The commandant at Boston endeavoured to cut off all the sources through which we were able to exchange the paper money at a low rate. For this purpose a proclamation was posted up in a public place, pursuant to which the brokers who dealt in paper money were to be arrested and […]

9 December 1777

“December 9
The various items and article of clothing General Burgoyne had ordered from Rhode Island for the troops arrived, and were equally divided among the  two nations in proportion to their strength.  But as the supply that had arrived did not suffice for an 8th part of the, General Burgoyne was induced to order another […]

“December 7
The desertions spread among the English, and an order was issued with regard to this matter, which was very suitable and sensible in our circumstances.  Besides pointing out the baseness of this vice and cautioning them not to be carried away by the false promises the Americans gave, and thus render themselves unhappy through […]

“December 1.
The English had the unpleasant experience, that one of their soldiers was shot by an American sentry, because he had no pass to produce and did not take any notice of the man’s shouts.  It appears that General Burgoyne does not intend to demand redress from the commandant of Boston on account of this […]