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“October 31.
Bivouac beyond
East Springsfield.
The troops crossed the Connecticut river and came to East Springsfield, but the inhabitants there did not receive them into their homes, and they had to bivouac in the wood beyond the town after receiving their provisions.”

29 October, 1777

“October 29
Quarters at
With the help of fair words General v.Riedesel had persuaded the Committed at Westspringsfield to give us quarters in that town.  The corps moved into Westspringsfield about noon.  As all our provisions had come to an end, the troops had to halt at Westspringsfield today as well.  But General v.Riedesel crossed the Connecticut […]

“October 28
Quarters in the
Districts of
Westfield and
According to Colonel Ried’s decision the troops were to march to Westspringfield today; however, the snow and hail that fell as well as the intense cold frustrated our leader’s plan, as the brigade he had with him as well as part of our troops had been so scattered during the […]

“October 27
Bivouac at
Green House
The troop’s march yesterday was very arduous, but today’s was still more so.  It rained incessantly day and night, the number of men who were worn out with fatigue increased, and we had no means of bringing them along behind us until the wagons with the sick under the directions of the […]

26 October, 1777

“October 26.
The want of conveyances greatly delayed the troops’ departure in the morning.  We had many sick, most of whom were compelled to remain behind under the charge of some officers and non-commissioned officers, and were to be brought along after us by a German named Thielemann, who had been added to our numbers and […]

25 October, 1777

“October 25
Quarters for
The night at
Great Barington.
The troops were quartered at Great Barington in  sheds for the night, the first we have had during the whole march.
Hitherto our march had always been through valleys and along very good roads, but here the so-called “Green Woods” commence, which form a chain together with the Green Mountains.  The […]

24 October, 1777

“October 24.
B.at Noble Town
The troops bivouaced at Noble Town.”

“October 23
General v.Riedesel arrived at Kenderhoeck, where the troops were halting.  It is a small pleasant town containing many Dutch families and many loyalists.”

Photos uploaded

After the 230 anniversary of the Saratoga battles, we stayed an extra day and toured the Saratoga National Historic Park.  The photos can be found here.  That link will take you to the main photo gallery.  Once there, just click on any of the photo albums.  Enjoy!

“October 22
Bivouac at
General v.Riedesel left Albany today to return to the corps, which we were able to overtake at Kenderhoeck.  The general went to Miller’s House, 7 miles from Kenderhoeck, and the German troops reached the town and bivouaced in the wood.
Their march from Stillwater to Kenderhoeck amounts to  52 miles in all.”

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