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Updated photos

The photos from Fort Ticonderoga 2007 have been added to the “Gallery” section.  As usual, you will find a link to the main page for the photo album.

“Sept. 30
Arrival of a
Courier from
Brig.Powel and
St. Leger at
The great want of forage compelled us to make a general foraging expedition today, which was carried out on the opposite side of the Hudson behind the left wing of the army.  A detachment of 250 men under Major v.Lucke and some six-pounders served to cover this foraging […]

“Sept. 29
The return of General Clinton’s courier, who left our army on the 21st, is eagerly expected, as the 8 days during which he believed and also promised to return to our army and bring news as to what moves General Clinton had been able to make to effect our junction have elapsed today.
We learnt […]

“Sept. 28
The enemy continued their work during the night, but they left our pickets in peace.
About 9 o’clock this morning Cornet Graef of the Dragoon Regiment came to our outposts accompanied by Colonel Wilkenson, General Gates’ adjutant-general. The latter was not allowed through, but had to return to the rebel camp.
The reason why Cornet […]

“Sept. 27
The whole night and morning passed quietly contrary to custom, but 5 hostile bateaux were seen on the river Hudson, of which it was believed that they had landed troops on the opposite bank.  Consequently the 47th and the Hesse-Hanau Regiments in the valley had to redouble their vigilance, so as to protect the […]

26 September, 1777

“Sept. 26
The work and commotion continued in the rebel camp the whole night, and in the morning the bands of rebels again appeared before our pickets as usual, but this time our patrols discovered them early, and compelled them to retire.
All the intrenchments and batteries in front of the camp were completed today, and the […]

“Sept. 25.
Today Captain Gerlach was sent to the east bank of the river Hudson with a sufficient guard from the corps of Provincials by General Burgoyne, in order to reconnoitre.  He was to try whether he could see anything of the position of the enemy’s right wing from the heights there.  He was to see […]

“Sept. 24.
Last night a terrific noise of driving, hewing, stamping and such like was again heard in the rebel camp, as though the rebels were clearing roads, constructing batteries or making other preparations to attack us.  They must have been quite close to our van on the opposite side of the ravine, as we could […]

“Sept. 23.
This morning our pickets on the left wing were harassed by some rebel bands, who had crept up the mountain-side as far as our picket-posts from the valley, and were harassing the sentries stationed there; however, our patrols soon forced them to give way.
The news that had arrived respecting the movements of a corps […]

“Sept. 22
Construction of
A pontoon bridge.
A pontoon-bridge was constructed behind no. 2 bridge under the directions of Captain Schanks last night, so as to keep up communication with the other bank and carry out our foraging there in the future, as the supplies are not very large on this side.
The remainder of the loyal Albanians arrived […]

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