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Archive for March, 2007

Site Update

There have been a couple of additions to the Hesse Hanau Jaeger page. There is a short discussion with pictures of the uniform of the Hanau Jaeger Corps and a lengthy document which outlines actual quotes from two separate documents. These documents are:

Kreutzbourg, Karl Adolph Christoph, Narration of the Hesse Hanau J├Ąger Corps […]

Site Update

Well, the web host was quite responsive to my needs. I emailed them last night re: the previous post. In an hour they responded to my service ticket and changed my .php settings. Tonight, Gallery2 is installed and working on the site. Check this out under the “LINKS” section and you […]

Photo Gallery update

Well, I really don’t like the current photo arrangements. I haven’t been successful installing Gallery2 software, but I think I finally figured out what is the problem. After doing a significant amount of reading about Gallery2 and searching their forums, it seems as though PHP needs to NOT be in safe mode. […]