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Updates to the site

I have made several updates to the site. The Research section is being re-done with additions on the Lidgerwood Collection and a series of maps and images from the Staatsarchiv in Marburg. An article on the Anhalt Zerbst Jagers is forthcoming. Stay tuned!


On Sunday, April 27, my site host upgraded their servers. We are now on a significantly fast server, with increased CPU power and memory. HOWEVER, the PHOTO GALLERY is currently down. I am working with the Hosting Company to hopefully rectify the situation. Until further notice, the Photo Gallery will be […]

Photos uploaded

After the 230 anniversary of the Saratoga battles, we stayed an extra day and toured the Saratoga National Historic Park.  The photos can be found here.  That link will take you to the main photo gallery.  Once there, just click on any of the photo albums.  Enjoy!

New pages added…

I have added some new content this evening.  The first is a page discussing the use of the jagd horn.  The content is from a post by Justin Boggess.
More pages have been added to the Brunswick section regarding the battle of Saratoga, letters from 2 October 1777 and 23 November 1777 by August Uhlig.  These […]

I have posted photos from the reenactment of the battles of Saratoga.  They can be found in the Gallery Section.

Updated photos

The photos from Fort Ticonderoga 2007 have been added to the “Gallery” section.  As usual, you will find a link to the main page for the photo album.

A new page regarding the Hesse Hanau Frei Corps has been added to the Hesse Hanau tab.  It seems as though RSS feeds do not pick up page updates but do recognize new posts.  So, that is why this has been “posted” also.

September 1777 draws near.  As August winds down, the road to Saratoga looms in the distance unbeknownst to all what a pivotal event, the fall of 1777, will be.  Stay posted as there will be  more to come in the near future.

I have added a page to the Brunswick Jager Section regarding the “Battle of Bennington“. The information is contained within :
Under the command of
Major-General von RIEDESEL
HZ 170-HZ391.doc
Location, Saratoga NHP
I have also added several pictures of the Bennington Battlefield. These photos were […]

Photo Gallery update

I spent the better part of the afternoon reconstructing Gallery2. It now works and supports image import from the local server download directory. What a pain in the rear end, but necessary! Photos will be added soon.  I need to add the proper page support so the images will display in the […]

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