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May 29
As the wind was of o good the whole day we remained where we were.  In the morning a pilot officer came from Quebec, who was to take our ships as far as Quebec and onward.  He brought the news that we should not stop at all at Quebec, but  were to be taken […]

28 May 1776

May 28
At 8 o’clock in the morning our anchors were weighed, the wind was favourable and the sky clear.  A large number of porpois were seen, that were amusing themselves on the surface of the water.  But judging from their colour they were totally different to those we had often seen in the sea, for […]

26 May 1776

May 26
The weather was very fine, but the wind was so much against us that we were compelled to lie at anchor the whole night. General v.Riedesel took advantage of the afternoon to call upon General Burgoyne on board the “Blonde”. He also went ashore on Bic Island on the same occasion, which […]

25 May 1776

May 25 the fleet passes
Barnabe Island and casts
Anchor for the
First time of Bic Island
When we awoke this morning we found ourselves near the Camille Mountains, 14 to 15 leagues from Cape Cat..  At 10 o’clock we got a very favourable east wind, which would bring us to Bic Island the  same evening according to what […]

May 24
Owing to the wind having been against us that day and the preceding one we were driven 17 leagues down the river, so that we were almost in the same spot where we had been on the 22nd.  The whole south bank of the river so far as we could see was like one […]

May 23
The wind began to blow from the west so was quite against us, and we had to tack the whole day so as not to be driven back.  We saw the river Montane on our left west-south-west 4 to 5 leagues distant.  In the afternoon 2 English soldiers of the 31st Regiment fell into […]

May 20
We pass Rozieres
And meet an English
We covered 19 leagues with a south-west and south-east wind.  At noon we had Cape Rozieres south by east half east 7 to 8 miles from us, and Grande Pointe 7 leagues tot he west.  At 10 o’clock in the morning an English merchantman approached us, which had to […]

18 May, 1776…SNOW

May 18
We had covered 10 leagues 2 miles with the help of a north-west and south-east wind, and found ourselves in the centre between the south and south-east points of Anticosti. In the morning the weather was clear, but it became dull and cold towards noon, and very heavy snow fell later on. […]

16 May 1776

May 16
We caught sight
Of the continent of
America for the
First time.
We had only advanced 11 leagues 1 mile with an east and north-west wind. Our latitude amounted to 48o 45′ and longitude to 56o 56′. At 6 o’clock in the morning we saw the continent of America for the first time, Cape […]

April 26
The  frigate “Blonde”
Together with 11
Transports get away
From the fleet.
The wind which blew from the north-west was still more violent than the day before and the sea rougher, especially during the night.  At daybreak the frigate “Blonde” was missing as well as 11 transports, which had got  away from us owing to the storm.  The […]

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