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The Hesse Hanau Jager Uniform
The first installment of the Northern Campaign in Miniature depicts an NCO of the Vacant Company (formerly Kornrumpf’s), Hesse Hanau Jager Corps, Battle of Oriskany 1777.  This figure shows the uniform worn by the Corps throughout the war (with modifications to the hat and breeches post-’77 campaign).  Information for this uniform […]

26 September, 1777

“Sept. 26
The work and commotion continued in the rebel camp the whole night, and in the morning the bands of rebels again appeared before our pickets as usual, but this time our patrols discovered them early, and compelled them to retire.
All the intrenchments and batteries in front of the camp were completed today, and the […]

“Sept. 13
Gen.v.Riedesel Joins the army.
All the Eng. Regiments Cross the Hudson
Likewise Lt.Col. Breymann’s Corps de Reserve
After the remainder of the things appertaining to the hospital and all the baggage had crossed the portage at Fort Miller, so that there was nothing left of what […]

A new page regarding the Hesse Hanau Frei Corps has been added to the Hesse Hanau tab.  It seems as though RSS feeds do not pick up page updates but do recognize new posts.  So, that is why this has been “posted” also.

“Sept. 4.
A detachment was sent to Fort Anne from our camp at John’s House , in order to collect all the wagons that had broken down owing to the carting of provisions that would be found on the road, so that same might be repaired. […]