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31 May 1776

May 31
At St. John’s
Island of
At 2 o’clock in the morning we weighed anchor with the tide.  Some pilots chose the new “traverse”,  as they knew it better and were more accustomed to it, and others the old one.  Others again went between both the “traverses” past the Isles de Potience.  The wind continued bad, and […]

May 30 The fleet anchors
Off Cape Tormento
Between 10 and 11 o’clock in the morning the pilots again gave orders for the anchors to be weighed, and we continued our journey in safety between rocks and sand banks until half past 5 in the afternoon.  We cam as far as Cape Tormento where the so-called “traverses” […]

“November 12.
The month of November was taken up with arrangements that were necessary for the good of the troops.
As the uniforms of the regiments of our 2nd Division were in the most retched condition, and we could neither get blue cloth nor other material in Boston, as on the one hand all the cloth had […]

Looking for more information about the 1780 - 1782 Yorktown Campaign route, people, and places?  Checkout the W3R, otherwise known as the Washington-Rochambeau Revolutionary Route.  This site features news of the day regarding the march to Yorktown.  There is current information and links about a number of items that all may find informative.

September 1777 draws near.  As August winds down, the road to Saratoga looms in the distance unbeknownst to all what a pivotal event, the fall of 1777, will be.  Stay posted as there will be  more to come in the near future.


Welcome to the Brunswickjager.org site.  This site will become a repository for information and discussion regarding units in the Northern Campaign of the American War of Independence.  Articles will be listed in the navigation and will consist of papers regarding ongoing research.  We hope that by providing this information, a greater understanding of the Northern […]

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